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Advantages of integrating leading edge technology with boots-on-the-ground patrol

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Advantages of integrating leading edge technology with boots-on-the-ground patrol

No matter how much innovations in security have simplified and optimized protection of property and people, without the capabilities of human intelligence piloting and implementing them, they are about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

Despite what security systems dealers or integrators may say to hard sell the latest and greatest in unmanned, remote and mobile optimized security products, a physical security detail will always be more impactful and faster to resolve and de-escalate situations than automated solutions. This is especially true when it comes to securing and protecting residential communities. Although incidents involving woefully unqualified security guards being the problem rather than the solution have become common, that onus must purely be on the security firm that does not practice proper training or candidate vetting.

At Gates, we believe a boots-on-the-ground patrol detail is the most cost-effective security measure for residential neighborhoods that can effectively deter crime through optics and presence. More importantly, should a situation require physical interaction or intervention, our highly trained and experienced patrol guards are skilled in de-escalating situations. Because we consider training and preparation to be two of the most important aspects of developing a qualified Gates patrol officer, we built our very own training facility in Pacific Palisades, CA. Patrol officer candidates are required to pass our specially designed training program that rigorously conditions and programs them to react to all types of confrontational situations with de-escalation best practices. Further, our proximity to the communities we serve and protect allows us to respond faster simply because we are closer. On average, our patrol teams respond and arrive at the location of the call signals within 6 minutes of dispatch.

Although we are staunch believers in the effectiveness of physical patrolling, no other security posture can be more effective and impactful than one that is layered. Combining the capabilities of well trained patrol guards and leading edge surveillance technology can make way for an incredibly powerful and optimized solution for crime prevention. Earlier this year, we also began piloting and implementing drone patrols with our certified commercial UAV pilots to, quite literally, get a bird’s eye view of the communities we protect under our jurisdiction.

If you are looking to enhance your security posture through a layered approach, we can help. Contact one of our representatives today for a detailed consultation, 805-499-6555.

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