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Protecting Your Estate | Smart Solutions for Today’s Threats

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Undeniably, these are difficult times we live in with many factors contributing to social unrest. With this unrest, the possibility of crime and local protests rises and puts residents and protesters alike at risk. Across the country, estate owners are considering their options in increasing their security to prevent loitering, vandalism, theft, and the escalation of violence. Here are just a few smart options. 

Have Your Security System Professionally Evaluated

Security technologies advance rapidly and there may be new options or additional features you could be using more effectively. Have a security professional evaluate your system to find gaps and suggest ways to optimize your security system technologies.

Opt Into Local, Professional Monitoring

Unlike other security system monitoring options, Gates Security has the only proprietary communications system that connects patrol officers with 24-hour monitoring throughout Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Our digital communication equipment is capable of interfacing with public safety agencies in multiple jurisdictions and our private patrol operations. Local monitoring paired with local security and response is one of the most effective ways of dealing with today’s immediate threats.

Consider Armed Guards

In addition to having armed guards patrolling residential communities, many estate owners are utilizing armed security on their private property. Armed and visible security deters people from loitering in the area and quells unrest. While security systems can detect and help you monitor events, security guards can act to protect your family and property without delay.  

If you have questions about residential security, security system monitoring, or residential patrol, call Gates security today.

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